Good news, everyone!

Posted on 07 Sep 2014
I have things! Not much, but a few. Some new stamps to share in the anime/manga and video game categories. Dragonball Z, Final Fantasy, etcetc. It's late and I'm tired, so I don't remember every series. My apologies.

ALSO be sure to check out my new sites: Life as a Psychopath, a blog sort of deal for the world of schizos, and Cynics Anonymous, a site full of stupid. They're pretty great. Not perfect. But great nonetheless. And you know I am a completely unbiased partner in all of this, so just trust me and visit.

Posted on 25 Aug 2014
Little Miss Kinomoto's 10th Anniversary Contest - Win a FREE Cardcaptors Anime Comic Book!!
As if anyone needed more proof that I have no life, I found 71 slices.
Posted on 13 Aug 2014
Oh my, oh my, what have we here? Well, it looks like a new layout (which makes three this year, I believe!) but if you sift through the pages a little you'll find new formats on most of them. I'm trying to be professional, or some semblance of similar words. So I decided to spruce things up, and in my humble opinion I think things are looking much nicer now.

Ohyeah, and now I have this handy little news feature. Most excellent, indeed.

(No new graphics, though. This really took it out of me you know, hurdur.)
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